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Elevé really helped put my mind at ease answering all my questions and having great communication throughout.  They’ve enabled me to be as hands-off as possible, the feedback from guests is always consistently high and when we return to visit ourselves it feels just like home. My experience with Elevé has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend partnering with them for your property management needs.

Ben J.

We have found Elevé to be an excellent team to host our property.  As a team they have been very attentive to our property and promptly deal with any issues that have come up. We tend to be very involved with our property and it has been easy to work with them. We would make the same choice of host in hindsight.

Mark M.

We are very happy with how our condo has performed and been managed.  We do not live near the unit and it has been critical to have someone close to help with anything that has come up (and things do come up!). Elevé are very responsive to our questions, and to the guests as well, which is evidenced by the large number of very positive reviews on Airbnb.



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